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Born into the arms of a Mexican mother and a Dutch father on the island of Curaçao, I was introduced to the value of diversity since birth. Seeking for identities in the corners of the world, I have learned that the magnitude of our reality is comforting but also confronting. To be able to survive, you need to be able to change. My work is composed by intertwining the flow of existence with the waves of my restless mind. I find it important to play with the world around us in order to create new ways of looking, thinking, and behaving. I believe chaos and moments of uncertainty are essential because that’s when we learn to grow and change. With an obsession for color and the human experience, I take you on a surrealistic journey that doesn’t mirror life, but instead, transforms life.

My work allows you to play with the boundaries of your body, question your surroundings, and reflect on modern conditions by giving you the freedom of movement and by embracing chaos. When pushing boundaries we need to be fearless and imaginative.


2021 Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, NL
Bachelor of Arts (BA); Fine Art - Cum Laude & Honors

2017 Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) Curaçao

Autonomous practice

2017 - present Atelier Godschalk Curaçao
Painting and performance art

2022 Funding by Mondriaan Fonds

Upcoming exhibitions

Feb. 2024 Prospects at Art Rotterdam Rotterdam, NL
with Mondriaan Fonds

Past exhibitions and collaborations

Nov. 2023 Unfair23 Amsterdam, NL

Solo presentation

May 2022 Bijenkorf x The Creative House Rotterdam, NL

Apr. 2022 KunstRAI Amsterdam, NL
with Kunst aan de Dijk, Kortenhoef

Feb. - Mar. 2022 Johanna F. Zapata: Symbiosis
Buitenplaats Doornburhg Maarssen, NL

Oct. 2021 Graduation Show Rotterdam, NL
Willem de Kooning Academy

Jan. 2020 Other Ways of Watching Together Rotterdam, NL
with Neverlandcinema x Mama

Mar. - Apr. 2019 David Bade: A Shared Afterlife
Buitenplaats Doornburhg Maarssen, NL

Jun. 2018 Sleeping Europe Rotterdam, NL

Ubik Worm


Jun. 2017 & 2019 All You Can Art Rotterdam, NL


Teaching positions

Jan. 2020 & 2023 Performance Art teacher Utrecht, NL
Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU)

Award nominations
2022 Buning Brongers
2022 Sluijters
2021 Ron Mandos; Best of Graduates


WhatsApp +31 (06) 26 25 49 77
Phone Curaçao

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