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pushing boundaries with the body

changing narratives with the body

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past performances

Nov. 2022              Nijmegen Studio

                                duration of performance: 5 consecutive hours

Oct. 2021               Graduation Show Willem de Kooning Academy

                                performance piece: "I only exist between the paint and the canvas"

                                duration of performance: 10 consecutive hours a day over a four-day exhibition


Jan. 2020              Other Ways of Watching Together Neverlandcinema x Mama

                                performance piece: "Tree"

                                duration of performance: 7 consecutive hours 

Jun. 2019               All You Can Art - Kunsthal

                                parade performance 

Jun. 2018              Sleeping Europe - Ubik Worm

                                performance piece: "My labor"

                                duration of performance: 9 consecutive hours 

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